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Strong engineering background, EMI/RFI shields, and thermally conductive gaskets

Certified to ISO 9001: 2000, QPL Listed with DSCC to MIL-DTL-83528

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News & Informations

In addition to the unusually innovative products that have been available in the past, we are excited to introduce the following new products:

  • Our 18000 Series T-Shaped gaskets provide extra-low compression/deflection forces and are appropriate for applications where there can be high shearing forces on the gasket, such as rack assemblies and "slide lock" cabinets. Because of their ability to "get out of the way," these gaskets bond extremely well in these types of applications. These are also appropriate for assemblies that have widely varying gap distances where a single gasket configuration is desirable. Additionally, we have developed a full line of Fluted Wall D-Shape and High Aspect Ratio P-Bulb profiles for demanding enclosure applications where easy installation and compression are a must.
  • Our Microbridge line of Backplane Gaskets. These gaskets provide continuous and direct electrical paths for coupling while offering the low compression forces and low compression set characteristics of either silicone sponge or dense silicone rubber.
  • The Microbridge line of T-Shaped and Sponge-Filled D-Shaped gaskets. These designs bring their more traditional counterpart designs a step further by further limiting the precious metal content while offering an even more direct electrical path for coupling. They also offer improved installation and alignment characteristics for high-volume assemblies.
  • The Van-Therm line of Heat Transfer products. These products are available in various geometries and are suited to high-volume production due to their unique manufacturing method.
  • A number of different Special Purpose Organic Rubber Dual and Single Elastomer tubes. These are ideal where special chemical resistance or NBC resistance is required.

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