Provides predictable sales cost

  • No matter how the economy is doing, the costs remain the same.
  • Lowers sales costs
  • No overhead for direct employees: salary, health benefits, insurance benefits, travel expenses, stock and profit sharing, sick leave, vacation and holiday pay, payroll taxes, worker compensation, bonding fees, and liability insurance.

Jobst Inc. - Service Provider

  • Reduces administrative overhead
    • No internal cost for administrating and maintaining payroll.
  • Eliminates the costs of training and turnover in sales personnel
  • It gives immediate access to the market
    • Independent reps are familiar with the territory and may be calling on clients already.
  • Provides a highly experienced, more aggressive sales force
    • Agents tend to be well-educated. They live and die by the bottom line
  • Provides a broader sales context for your product
    • Complementing lines increases the value of the representative. It allows the representative to add value.
  • Adds marketing flexibility at less cost
  • Increases Sales